Sam van der Knaap started working at PB tec four years ago. After a technical education and a first job with a grower in the United States, he chose a job in line with his education. At the age of 23 he came on board at PB tec, ready to get to know the technical profession in practice. After a period of four years, he looks back.

Great puzzle
Starting with the projects that Sam talks about almost bouncing with enthusiasm. “The more complex the better,” says Sam. “I have been able to work on a number of medicinal cannabis projects. This involves so much technology that it is quite a puzzle to put the right products together. It is so cool, when it succeeds. ”

Sam’s work is not limited to the Netherlands. Because the clients and partners are spread all over the world, he has traveled abroad several times in four years. He does not remember exactly how often, but the trips to countries such as Canada, United States, Romania, Denmark, Italy and Australia are reviewed. “The trip to Australia was very special. Here I was able to coach my colleagues at Powerplants for two weeks in calculating a water installation. I also learned a lot from being there. ”

‘Proving myself’
Working at PB tec has brought Sam an awful lot, he continues. “I came here fairly young, but soon had the opportunity to prove myself. Because you are given a lot of freedom here, you get the chance to take up projects on your own initiative. This means you get the space to help PB tec grow with your ideas. We saw a certain need and opportunity in the market and then decided to develop an innovative system ourselves.”

As a Sales Engineer, Sam is part of sales and calculation. This means that he thinks about what kind of products are needed and he calculates the price. “A challenging job that often involves large assignments. It is therefore important that I make the correct assessments. That responsibility gives me a kick and makes this work a real challenge. ”

Colouring outside the lines
In addition to his current work, Sam likes to colour outside the lines a bit. “Opportunities are everywhere. Not only within the framework of my job. Fortunately, I get the space to explore all my ideas. For example, we have started a works council to advise management from within the company. That has nothing to do with my position, but it really complements the organization. ”

Sam looks back on the past four years with great pleasure. “Partly thanks to colleagues such as Cees Overgaauw, I have now completely mastered the tricks of the trade. There is no shortage of teachers at PB tec.”

After four years, Sam is ready for the next step in his career. “I gratefully take everything I learned at PB tec with me. Thanks to the fertile soil of PB tec, I have been able to make a nice growth spurt. ”

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