AdTec Systems provides a team of experts to set up greenhouse systems and continue with their management, monitoring and maintenance. It works with top-level partners such as Bogaerts GL for internal handling and Priva and Anjou Automation for climate control and irrigation.

“We are a young company, but we all have experience in this sector. A greenhouse is just a shell, various technological systems need to be set up for it to work. We design and set up hydraulic, air conditioning, electrical, renewable energy and cogeneration systems and take care of integrated management via state-of-the-art computers such as Priva and Anjou Automation, explains Fabio Galli, one of the partners.

One of the main partners is Belgian company Bogaerts GL, specializing in logistic and harvesting solutions for the professional greenhouse industry. It is one of the leading companies in the world for the development and production of machines and accessories for industrial greenhouse cultivation such as Qii-Lift and Qii-jet carts, which comply with European safety standards.

The most recent 3D technology is used for both design and engineering. Over the years, Bogaerts GL has developed a complete range of modular and standard concepts.

For AdTec Systems, another essential aspect is that of service. The ongoing increase in company costs means period checks are considered of secondary importance, putting the durability and functionality of the structure and its systems at risk.

“Knowing the importance of general maintenance – both preventive and ordinary – we can be the perfect partner to keep all systems fully efficient. Considered their prolonged and intensive use, they must be periodically verified and checked by expert hands that know the best solution for them.”

“AdTec Systems is available to help clients assess their needs, setting up systems that are proportionate and offer the best quality for the price. Whether it is an irrigation, heating, electrical or monitoring system, our priority is to safeguard the energy efficiency, durability and quality of the solutions, making them easy to manage and operate so operators can focus on their productions.”

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