Last year in June a greenhouse project in in Rizhao, Shandong Province, in China was completed by Beijing Kingpeng Corporation. The greenhouse was transplanted at the end of September and in November, the first products were harvested. During the first and second week of 2021, an extremely low temperature have been recorded – the lowest ones since last 60 years.

Hot water
“The Rizhao project is being heated with hot water from a power station nearby and there’s a boiler for back up installed,” the team with Kingpeng shows. “When in Rizhao the lowest temperature was reached earlier this year, which was -19℃, the indoor temperature remained 14℃, even though the hot water from power station didn’t reach designed temperature.”

Thanks to this, even January 2021, the tomato production was of a high standard and the quality and yield were stable every week. The grower has created a brand around their produce, including delicate package and sales to supermarket nearby. “With its high quality, safety and traceability, their tomato is getting more and more popular in fresh market in China.”

“We’re glad to see a high-standard greenhouse solution cam grow a high-quality tomato product. This greenhouse can be another benchmark of tomato production in China!”, the Kingpeng team concludes.

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