We are proud to introduce our latest development; the substrate trough Bato 2.0. This is a renewed version of the existing Bato Trough, which has been part of our permanent range for years.

This new substrate trough has been specifically developed for the cultivation of cucumbers on perlite in collaboration with a large Dutch cucumber grower.

The substrate trough has a capacity of 11.2 liters. Due to the shape of the legs, this trough fits perfectly and stable on a steel growing gutter. The ergonomic integrated handles on both sides makes the trough easy and quick to grab and to place on the gutter, even when interplanting. The location of the drainage holes prevents root outgrowth and therefore contact with the gutter, so less risk of a virus during cultivation.

The shape and dimensions of the four legs are standard, but our moulds has the option of customizing the dimensions and/or the shape of the legs. This trough has a maximum of 6 drainage outlets (3 on each side), but less drainage holes is possible. The Bato substrate trough 2.0 is steamable under certain conditions and could be used for many years.

About us
At Bato, we engage every day in a process of designing and developing smart, efficient and user-friendly solutions for growers. Directly, and via our dealers, growers share their innovative ideas on how to optimise their crop performance, yields and presentation. Together, in collaboration with our R&D department, we can also make your product.

More information: www.ugaatbouwen.com/bato-plastics-bv

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