Growing Together with… CombiVliet
The videographer’s drone needs almost all of its battery power to depict the whole NoordVliet complex from above. That says something about the sheer size of this large-scale project in Middenmeer by tomato company CombiVliet. A project that will be completed in phases over a period of eight years. The fact that they are working with the same group of partners and suppliers in each phase of construction makes NoordVliet ideally suited for the first episode in Priva’s new “Growing Together with…” video series.

‘Collaboration’ is the key word in the projects that are portrayed by means of eye-catching video reporting. ‘Growing Together with…’ allows leading horticultural entrepreneurs to describe their vision of optimum collaboration in the chain and how they put it into practice. The starring role in the first episode is played by tomato company CombiVliet.

Justin Schoemaker: “The sharing of knowledge and the cooperation between the various partners involved made it possible to complete this project efficiently. In other words, it’s about innovating and growing together – and that pays off.”

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