This month sees The French company ARaymond celebrate passing the one-billion units sales mark for the FlexTruss greenhouse support product.

Launched on the global market in 2014, the FlexTruss was created by ARaymond to ensure that the support meets the requirements of producers worldwide. Installing the FlexTruss units requires no previous experience thereby reducing installation time in the greenhouse whilst simultaneously reducing labor costs for growers.

The FlexTruss supports are contoured to ensure there is no risk of the delicate tomato branches breaking during installation thereby
maximising the tomato yield per plant. Besides, it can be adapted for use with all varieties throughout the growth cycle of the tomato plant.

The FlexTruss is made from recycled or BIO material and features ARaymond’s patented backbone design. This allows the support to be installed directly onto the plant’s straight stems whilst adapting to the natural growth pattern of the branches.

Manufactured in black for maximum UV resistance, the FlexTruss is made from recycled plastic allowing producers to meet their goals for sustainable development within the greenhouse environment. ARaymond has also created a Bio-compostable version of the FlexTruss.

First draft of the Flextruss back in 2013 after several meetings with tomato growers. The must was to have a rigid but at the
same time flexible solution, this draft evolved to the current design.

“Here at ARaymond we are delighted to reach this latest sales milestone for our greenhouse supports and we look forward to the sale of the the next units of FlexTruss worldwide”, the company announces.

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