The natural, mineral material by KNAUF AQUAPANEL is based on volcanic perlite. It is recommended as a biological substrate and soil improver for organic farming in gardening or agricultural use – also in Germany.

The high-grade substrate additive PERLIGRAN® recently was added to the Swiss FibL list. Now the natural product also made it into the German list. This input list of the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture comprises all operating resources for organic agriculture, from fertilisers, substrates, other means of soil improvement and plant protectants up to animal feed. In plain text: PERLIGRAN® products are now allowed for gardening and agricultural use in organic substrates and as a mineral soil additive in Germany.

PERLIGRAN® works as a mineral substrate additive and as a mineral soil amendment, optimizing the air and water balance in substrates and natural soil for agricultural use as well as for gardening or landscaping. The product has many convincing features, like its evenly porous structure for substrate and soil ventilation, its high water storage capacity, its high capillary activity, instant rewettability and not least its phytosanitary safety. Thanks to screening, the products are nearly free of fine grains, guaranteeing for dimensional stability and perfect ventilation. Even challenging plants will reliably root in this environment.

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