Delicate tomatoes can be used in cooking as a vegetable, but also eaten as a snack. These small tomatoes contain 1.7 times the vitamins of regular tomatoes. The outside is delicate and the sugar content is high. The delicate tomatoes are fragrant and taste delicious. Their flavor is unique. They have become more and more popular in recent years. Actually, the small tomato is closer to the original tomato than larger flesh tomatoes. They can be considered the ancestor of modern tomatoes. The modern tomato is a hybrid specifically cultivated to meet the need for large tomatoes.

Delicate tomatoes

“Our delicate tomatoes come from Mingcun town in Pingdu City in Shandong province. The retail conditions are positive and stable. We began with our original farm and have continued to expand and scale up. We use greenhouse and glasshouse plantation methods at the same time. We can supply all year round.” This is according to Mr. Zheng Lilong of Qingdao Wan Ten Thousand Fruits Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

When asked about the impact of the pandemic on the sales conditions of delicate tomatoes, Mr. Zheng replied, “the overall market conditions for fruit and vegetables do not look great. The conditions changed last year when Covid-19 broke out. Our sales, however, have not been affected at all. We have sold more or less the same volume as last season. Our sales are quite stable. This is mainly because consumers pay even more attention to healthy food like delicate tomatoes since the outbreak of Covid-19 and also because we have worked hard to continuously adjust our distribution strategies and make sure transport continued uninterrupted.”

Delicate tomatoes

Ten Thousand Fruits Agricultural Technology provides three types of packaging (top, medium, low) to meet the diverse demand from various markets. The tomatoes are sold under their own brand ‘Ten Thousand Fruits Fresh’. In the end, current conditions in production areas are good. The company is looking for strategic partners in countries across the globe to expand their share of the international tomato market.

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