Earlier this year, Sercom Regeltechniek BV from Lisse, The Netherlands introduced its latest development in the field of wireless communication between the central climate computer and its field stations. Fertiliser dosing units in open field production are also part of this control.

The first systems have now been delivered and several growers in various regions, from Scandinavia to Central America, have already experienced the advantages of this system. It has also been sold to several companies in the Netherlands.

In addition to the application in greenhouses, there is also a great deal of interest from the soft fruit sector. With the Wireless Xtender it is very easy to control up to 16 individual fertiliser dosing units from a single central point. This can be done up to a distance of about 5 kilometres. The two-way communication allows the computer to react immediately to the information transmitted regarding, for example, fertiliser composition, salt and acid and other real-time information relevant to the control of the dosing unit.

As not every location will be suitable for wireless remote communication, for example due to the presence of mountains, tall buildings with steel structures or dense forrests, Sercom has also developed a system that makes it easy to test the conditions. The local partner first checks the situation and, in consultation with Sercom’s technical staff, determines whether there is sufficient communication between the various points. This approach, which makes use of the so-called ‘Sniffer’, eliminates any possible problems with obstacles, in advance.

Because of the great interest in Sercom’s products and in order to be able to adequately support the various regions, there is a need for new partners, also internationally. Sercom is therefore open to companies that are interested in this.

More information: www.ugaatbouwen.com/sercom-regeltechniek-bv