A perfect functioning screen installation is essential for achieving the right climate for your crop.

“We regularly see that insufficient attention is paid to the maintenance of the screen installation with the result that malfunctions may occur when the use of the screen installation is necessary. The repair costs are in many cases higher than the periodic maintenance,” says Marco Kagchelland, manager Horconex Screen Systems.

With good maintenance, you extend the life of your screen installation.

Six tips for good maintenance:

1. Check your wires regularly for damage or wear.

2. Maintain your screen motor; check if the screen motors make a strange noise.

3. Check your traction cables for minor breaks/wear. Timely replacement can prevent malfunctions of the return wheels and axle.

4. Check your return wheels on the end walls and where different departments are split.

5. Check your driveshaft for the shaft bearings and welded couplings of the 2 “shaft.

6. Check your screen for holes and/or loose strands. Prevent the screen strands from twisting in the shaft.

With the arrival of Marco Kagchelland as manager, Horconex Screen Systems is better able to advise our customers.

“Marco has a lot of knowledge of the different types of screen installations and ventilation mechanisms. Providing our customers with sound advice is an investment in the future,” says Xander van der Wilk, Operational Director Horconex.

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