The demand for tomatoes has increased greatly last week and also the market is performing well, as confirmed by Alessio Orlandi, commercial director of Fri-El, which has 12 hectares of greenhouses in Ostellato (Ferrara, Italy) and another 10 hectares under progress (see FreshPlaza of 10/02/2020).

Alessio Orlandi

“In recent weeks we have received significant orders from overseas, especially from Germany for our Grappolo, Cocktail and Ciliegino varieties. The Grappolo Ramato is one of our leading products and in Germany and Austria we sell it in bulk. The other types, instead, are mostly sold packaged”, said Orlandi.

Differentiation is the key word. “Our H2Orto brand is standing out because we focus our efforts on product differentiation, quality and year-round uniformity, packaging, and health aspects like nickel-free and glyphosate-free certifications.”

Thanks to its affiliation with the “C.I.O.” Producers’ Organization, even large Italian retailers have noticed H2Orto’s consistent supply and the Italian market is asking for tomatoes even the week right after Easter. “Offers had already been scheduled, and this is contributing to keeping demand high and prices reasaonable,” continued Orlandi.

Over the past few months, we’ve registered an increase in packaging due to higher prices for raw materials on a global scale. “At the moment, we have been able to keep costs low thanks to our economies of scale strategy, since we purchased large quantities of packaging,” concluded Orlandi.

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