The range of goods on offer via e-commerce has long included plants. According to a study by Bitkom, one in five Internet users bought bouquets, seedlings or plants for indoor and outdoor use online in 2016. If these are to reach their destination safe and sound and in top quality, however, they need some extra help of protection in the form of the right packaging. A new development in our success story with “kräuterfeld.de” shows how this works.

Online herbs trade
E-commerce has established itself as an additional supply infrastructure as a result of the Corona crisis. In a survey of around 2,500 consumers conducted by the German E-Commerce and Mail Order Association (Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel Deutschland e.V.), one in two respondents stated that they would order more online in the future as a result of their experience during the Corona crisis.

The range of goods available online has been growing steadily for years and has long included plants. In 2017, online sales of garden products – compared to all stationary sales channels – reached a share of 41 percent of total sales. Our customer Lemberghof recognized this trend towards e-commerce around ten years ago and serves a steadily growing clientele with its web store “kräuterfeld.de”.

The range includes over 60 varieties. After cautious beginnings, kräuterfeld.de developed dynamically, growing by a further 30 percent during the Corona pandemic: many consumers who had previously bought things in a garden center tried out online ordering in the face of the lockdown – and have since become loyal customers.

Product protection and freshness guarantee
Most package shipments from kräuterfeld.de consist of several plants, shipped freshly harvested, straight from their beds. The clientele is demanding: kräuterfeld.de supplies quality-oriented customers who attach great importance to healthy nutrition and fresh products. To ensure that the delicate and tender plants arrive undamaged and with a guarantee of freshness, they need reliable protection during transport – especially since handling the packages in transit can be quite robust.

Since kräuterfeld.de works completely ecologically and does not use plastic, the packaging should of course match the natural and valuable contents – our environmentally friendly and individually tailored packaging solutions are simply ideal.

High product protection – customers are enthusiastic
The sleeve packaging we developed for kräuterfeld.de offers stability and comprehensive product protection; it is also 100 percent recyclable – and therefore easy for consumers to dispose of in the waste paper garbage can. It secures the herb pot with cutouts on the right and left, and is closed at the plant tip. This means that the plant will not fall out even if the package is turned upside down – and will not be crushed. Both the outer packaging and the sleeves are delivered flat and erected and sealed at the customer’s site.

“The packaging has proven to be excellent; our customers are really very satisfied,” says Rita Mergenthaler, founder and managing director of kräuterfeld.de. “Above all, Klingele is a reliable partner who provides us with excellent support and advice – all good reasons why our collaboration has lasted a long time.”

Plants, herbs or other sensitive fresh produce: Is your company also on the leap into e-commerce? Or already in the middle of it, but not yet really happy with the packaging? Then you’ve come to the right place. Write to us – we’re sure to find the best packaging solution for mail order for your products, too.

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