HUESKER supplies UmbraTex® shading fabrics for your professional horticulture – state-of-the-art screens made from fine-meshed, high-strength polyester fabric of highest qualities. UmbraTex® is available in various shading coefficients and used for indoor shading systems like roll screens, horizontal screens and gable screens.

The open structure of the newly invented UmbraTex® Air additionally ensures an optimal ventilation inside of the greenhouse. For our UmbraTex® and UmbraTex® Air fabrics, we guarantee an UV stability of 10 years behind glass and an expected service life of minimum 20 years. The innovative UmbraTex® Black-Out is able to stop the light intrusion and emission by more than 99% while fulfilling the requirements of the highest fire resistance classes.

The HUESKER Group – with its headquarters in the Gescher (Westphalia) – is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of geosynthetics, industrial and agricultural textiles.

In close cooperation with our clients, engineers and research and testing institutions individual solutions for a number of applications have been developed since more than 150 years – innovative, economic and environmentally friendly.

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