The new yellow pepper variety E20B.0375 from Enza Zaden is now called Solaste. In honor of this name change, various growers received a cake and a plate with the new name of the variety. 

Representative Luc Trines visited John de Groot of Kwekerij Concordia in Harmelen. Grower John had already tested Solaste last year and immediately shared his positive experiences: “Solaste colors very easily and evenly, especially in the beginning, does not need a deep pre-midnight and sets quite easily. The plant is more compact and Solaste does not put much on the side branches. This keeps the fruit weight higher, which is a big advantage.” 


Nursery Tas and nursery Motreahof have also opted for E20B.0375 Solaste peppers. They also received cake and a plate. 

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